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We are an experienced and creative company that is prepared to offer you fresh ideas and solutions.

About Us - The Group

J B BODA INSURANCE & REINSURANCE BROKERS may be almost a century old, but we are just getting started with our online journey with!

J B BODA INSURANCE & REINSURANCE BROKERS ( They pioneered Reinsurance Broking in India and today we are the largest and oldest Reinsurance Brokers in India, Asia, Africa, Middle-East, Developing countries, and the first Indian Multinational Reinsurance Broking House operating for over seven decades.

Our nationwide chain of offices, staffed with an experienced team, makes buying insurance and registering a claim a convenient episode on which is an online presence of J B BODA INSURANCE & REINSURANCE Brokers Pvt Ltd.

We pride ourselves on a seamless online portal for the first time on J B BODA platform for Retail Products ,where you can buy Motor , Two-Wheeler & Health insurance products.Because we’ve been around for seven decades, you directly benefit from our excellent relationship with leading insurance companies. The strong relationships with insurance service providers across product types ensure that we can offer the state of art solution to our customers, which is both relevant and right-sized, partnering with them in their growth.


Driven by the vision to emerge as a leading insurance intermediary for Retail and Corporate consumers across regions & segments, we at J B BODA Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Pvt Ltd are committed to nurture and grow clients through a great buying experience, delivered through technological interventions.


  • To be India's broker of choice for innovative insurance products with a reputation for the quality of service and for speed of implementation and execution.
  • To be among India's finest employers, to foster a culture of inclusion and empowerment, with paths to success available for all through career development, continuous learning, leadership opportunities and work-life balance.
  • To be a profitable partner to clients and to insurance companies and have a track record of conducting every relationship with fairness, transparency and a 'win win' emphasis.
  • To be a stable, consistent, and long-term player, acknowledge for the durability of achievements and the certain of an industry- redefining future.

Values & Beliefs

  • To continue the LEGACY of an incredible journey.
  • We will treat all with DIGNITY & HONOUR.
  • We value a deep sense of RESPONSIBILITY and SELF-DISCIPLINE to meet and
    exceed our COMMITMENTS.
  • We will grow as a TEAM to ENCOURAGE, RISE & EMPOWER boundaryless approaches.
  • TOGETHER towards a better future.